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100% Non-GMO Corn | 100% Non-GMO Soybeans

In the early 1900’s, Myron and Blanche Morris settled on a crop and dairy farm located in far northern Illinois near the Wisconsin border in a town called Pecatonica, Illinois. Myron and Blanche had three children. One of the three, Robert, married Phyllis Johnson in 1963 and settled on the home farm in Boone County, IL where they had five children: Charles, Thomas, Susan, Patrick, and William.

In 1993, two of their sons, Patrick and Charles decided to run with their passion for farming and started their crop farm operation and named it MorAgra. Together they entered into a partnership and purchased a grain elevator. This later led them into the container export business which expanded their network linking them with various international partners. That business venture opened many doors for the operation leading to direct market access and has since led to a vertically integrated 100% Non-GMO operation. MorAgra has grown and expanded throughout various counties in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.

MorAgra Family Farms consists of a diverse team of dependable and motivated employees that hold the same passion for farming and agriculture. Several members of the Morris family have made their way back home to the farm to fill key roles. That, coupled with a strong and diverse group of employees who bring a unique set of skills to the operation, MorAgra Family Farms continues to thrive and add to its’ success.

Farming is a way of life that continues to be passed through Morris generations. The Morris family and members of the MorAgra Family Farms team strive to consciously drive the operation forward in the most diverse, efficient, and environmentally sustainable way. We thank you for taking the time to read a little about our story. Please CONTACT US to explore ways that we can work together.